Howdy! I'm a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with dual degrees: a Geography B.A. in Biogeographically Environmental Systems and a Biology B.S. in Life Science Systems. I've also completed a medical school M.S. in the clinical research and development (R&D) of internationally regulated biotechnologies such as drugs, devices, and biologics at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

     My managerial and financial skills were improved with an M.B.A. at our nation's largest women's university, the Texas Woman's University. Raised in a family of all boys, I also embraced inevitable human differences as precious diversity with a pending Humanities M.A. in Women’s Studies. I'm intellectually promiscuous and have developed the Information/Networked Age systems-thinking capabilities of five distinctly transdisciplinary schools or colleges: Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Medicine/Health Sciences, Business, and Humanities.

     Much of my background is in decision science, Information Technology (IT), computational thinking, Health IT (HIT), mHealth, systems thinking, and predictive analytics with vendor-neutral certifications in quality auditing, systems analysis, project management, software quality engineering, the secure software development lifecycle, and as a Six Sigma Lean Professional (SSLP).

     I was born in Sri Lanka, a small tropical island, with beautiful beaches in the Indian Ocean. At five years of age, my family moved to the United States. My childhood was spent in Norman, Oklahoma, but a majority of my youth was in the small farming community of Brimfield, Ohio.

     In my spare time, I enjoy Web stuff, workouts, gardening, student volunteering, reading theosophical/how-to books, and programming financial trading systems. For entertainment, I like to go to the symphony or theater, watch foreign and classic films, participate in running events, and teach little kids how to swim. Click Me!

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